The PCAN Podcast launched in March 2021 as a platform to discuss the wave of local climate action that has emerged across the UK. Researchers, politicians and practioners from across the Place-based Climate Action Network (PCAN) tell their stories of trying to put climate policy into action on the ground in this monthly podcast series.

The show is co-hosted by Professor John Barry, a co-investigator for PCAN based at Queen's University Belfast, and Kate Lock, Policy and Communications Manager for PCAN based at the University of Leeds.

The series is produced and edited by Simon Moore, Communications and Engagement Officer based at the University of Leeds. The show was formerly published by the Climactic Collective, an independent podcast network telling the stories of regular people pushing for climate action in their communities. It is now available on Apple Podcasts.


Episode six - From global negotiations to local action | Jamie Brogan, Simon Moore and Rosanna Harvey-Crawford

In episode six, two special guest hosts report back from COP26 in Glasgow. Jamie Brogan, from Edinburgh Climate Change Institute and Simon Moore, from the University of Leeds, talk to a variety of delegates about the relationship between global negotiations and local level climate action.

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Episode five - Climate action in theory and practice | Candice Howarth, Matt Lane and Amanda Slevin

In episode five Kate and John talk to three members of the PCAN family about their new book ‘Addressing the Climate Crisis: Local action in theory and practice’. The book is co-edited by Candice Howarth from Grantham Institute at the London School of Economics, Matthew Lane from the University of Edinburgh, and Amanda Slevin from Queens’ University Belfast.

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Episode four - Belfast climate action | Clare McKeown and Amanda Slevin

In episode four Kate and John catch up with two core members of the Belfast Climate Commission, Clare McKeown, Sustainable Development Manager from Belfast City Council, and Amanda Slevin, PCAN Policy Fellow from Queens University Belfast.

Clare explains what it’s been like to work in close partnership with academics, and outlines the Council’s “absolute commitment” to tackling the climate emergency. Amanda discusses her involvement in Northern Ireland’s first Climate Change Bill, which is currently making its way through Stormont.

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Episode three - Leeds climate action | Andy Gouldson and Polly Cook

In episode three we meet to two key players in the PCAN story, Andy Gouldson, Professor of Environmental Policy at the University of Leeds, and Polly Cook, Chief Officer for Sustainable Energy and Air Quality from Leeds City Council.

Andy set up the independent Leeds Climate Commission in 2017, which works closely with Leeds City Council. The Leeds Commission has led to the formation of ten other climate commissions around the UK, through PCAN, the Place-based Climate Action Network. Andy and Polly have also been instrumental in setting up one of the newest, and largest yet - Yorkshire and Humber Climate Commission.

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Episode two - Edinburgh climate action | Jamie Brogan

In episode two meet a co-investigator for the PCAN project, Jamie Brogan, from Edinburgh Climate Change Institute (ECCI). Co-hosts Professor John Barry and Kate Lock talk to Jamie about the Edinburgh Climate Commission and his work on the interface between academia and industry.

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Episode one - Introducing the PCAN project | Sam Fankhauser

In the first episode of this series by the Place-based Climate Action Network (PCAN), meet the founder of the PCAN research project, Professor Sam Fankhauser, from the University of Oxford (formerly LSE).

Join co-hosts Professor John Barry, from Queen’s University Belfast, and Kate Lock, from the University of Leeds, to find out how the project was born and how it has managed to help drive local climate action across the UK.

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Photo by FPVmat A on Unsplash