PCAN has commissioned topical commentaries on aspects of place-based climate action since the network began in 2019. All of the commentaries in the index below have been collected into a publication, 'Climate Commentaries' (also available to download below).

Index of Commentaries


How does the UK public view the co-benefits of climate action?, by Neil Jennings and Pauline Paterson (8 November 2023)

Climate governance - the case of Surrey, by Erica Russell and Ian Christie (25 October 2023)

One year on from record-breaking 40 degrees heat in the UK and we’re still not prepared, by Candice Howarth (19 July 2023)

Bringing green skills in from the periphery, by Emma Dore (11 May 2023)

Lincoln begins climate assembly process: #ClimateHopeLincoln, by Andrew Kythreotis, Kate Bell and Charlotte Brooks (3 May 2023)

A place-based lens on Mission Zero, by Andrew Wood (16 February 2023)

How effective are Climate Commissions? by Candice Howarth and Jamie Brogan (3 February 2023)


Why place-based climate action has never been more urgent by Andrew Kythreotis (21 October 2022)

Investment Zones - What do they mean for climate action? by Andrew Wood (20 October 2022)

Going digital for local democracy by Ian Sullivan and Lina Brand Correa (17 May 2022)

Collaboration key to NI's first Climate Change Act by Dr Amanda Slevin (8 April 2022)

Net Zero is the catalyst for delivering Levelling Up by Brendan Curran (and additional PCAN Network Plus contributors) 18 March 2022

Levelling up or hollowing out? The role of local action in addressing industrial emissions by Imogen Rattle and Alice Owen (8 March 2022)

Getting behind local authorities to drive down area-wide emissions by Jamie Brogan (14 February 2022)

Unlocking the missing middle: How local finance hubs can supercharge green investment by Jamie Brogan, Andy Gouldson, Sabrina Muller, Brendan Curran & Nick Robins (25 January 2022)


Thinking about climate adaptation in rural areas by Alice Hague (16 December 2021)

Valuing water and climate adaptation by Alice Owen and Toni Scarr (7 December 2021)

Climate emergency declarations: what do they tell us about universities’ response to climate change? by Briony Latter (25 June 2021)

Inside Edinburgh's Climate Compact by Rosanna Harvey-Crawford (16 June 2021)

Cultural heritage and climate change adaptation by Dr Kate Crowley (24 May 2021)

The co-benefits of climate action by Neil Jennings (6 May 2021)

Effective local authority climate action by James Dyson and Nuala Burnett (6 May 2021)

Participation and change: Lessons from the future by Lina Brand Correa (8 March 2021)

Tracking local employment in the Green Economy: The PCAN Just Transition jobs tracker by Andrew Sudmant, Nick Robins and Andy Gouldson (5 March 2021)

COVID-19 and climate change: special commentary series 2020

Society as a co-designer of climate action: Learning from COVID-19  by Candice Howarth (16 July 2020)

Covid, climate change and citizens' assemblies: The critical role of deliberations for planned transitions by Adam Corner (6 May 2020)

Five principles to mobilise finance for a sustainable and inclusive recovery by Nick Robins (6 May 2020)

Covid-19: Reclaiming the streets by Alice Creasy (30 April 2020)

Coronavirus: how economic rescue plans can set the global economy on a path to decarbonisation by John Barry (22 April 2020)

Ensuring the place-based impact of carbon tax policy is distributionally fair by Josh Burke (27 April 2020)


How a just transition can speed up the race to net-zero by Nick Robins (26 November 2020)

Place-based collaborations: What motivates stakeholders to join climate networks? by Katherine Maxwell (21 October 2020)

Building climate resilience knowledge from the ground up by Candice Howarth and Matt Lane (2 October 2020)

We're all in this together - the joys and challenges of unusual alliances by Mike Childs (2 August 2020)

Building a climate commission: Summarising evidence from existing UK case studies by Alice Creasy (8 June 2020)

Decision makers must engage with regional and local media on the issue of climate change by Georgina Collins (27 May 2020)

What have buildings ever done for us, or the climate? by Alice Owen (9 March 2020)

How scientists can work with local media to tell more engaging climate stories by Candice Howarth and Alison Anderson (28 February 2020)


Can climate commissions own a city's future? by Matthew Lane (16 December 2019)

How Scotland can mobilise finance for a just transition, by William Irwin, Nick Robins and Jamie Brogan (25 October 2019)

Why we need more social science research on climate change, by Sam Fankhauser (10 September 2019)