A youth climate summit co-created by young people from the UK and South Africa and supported by PCAN has led to a documentary film-making project long-listed for COP26.
The two-day summit was part of a week of high-profile activities hosted by the University of Leeds in April, called Connecting Voices for Climate Action. It brought together partners from Leeds City Council, the Yorkshire and Humber Youth Works Unit, British Youth Council, the University of Leeds, PCAN and SAIIA Youth (the South African Institute of International Affairs) and includes young people from RYCA (the Regional Youth Climate Assembly - read this article about their work).

A film for COP?

Now the young people, who shared their own experiences of living with climate change and what it meant for them  (flooding, droughts, water shortages and wildfires all featured in their conversations) are coming together again to make a film. The project, called The Ripple Effect, is led for the University of Leeds by COP26 Fellow Harriet Thew, PCAN's Kate Lock, COP26 intern and PhD candidate Declan Kenny, and Professor Paul Cooke, Chair of World Cinema, and continues the collaboration with with Leeds City Council and the Yorkshire and Humber Youth Works Unit and the young people from RYCA and SAIIA.

Organisers of the project are crossing their fingers to hear whether it will be shown at the IMAX cinema at COP26 in November. 


A kick-off workshop for the film-making project was held on 10 July at which the project was launched and practical advice about filmmaking techniques and creating content was shared. 

At the second Ripple Effect workshop on July 17th, attendees reviewed footage subsequently submitted and were put into groups to develop a a final COP26 'film pitch'. Paul was given the green light to develop the preferred pitch and a follow up workshop on 14th August showed the first rough cut. Further actions, including recording audio and discussing the use of animation were progressed.

A final workshop date has been set for 18 September with the aim to complete by 11 October!

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Image:  Jonathan Cosens Photography on Unsplash